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Press Release – June 6, 2019

In a pre-emptive stance on the African Union’s decision on the developments in Sudan, after the sit-in of protestors were disbanded by force, the Eritrean Ministry of Information issued a Press Release on June 5 and published on the official website of the ministry, warning the internationalization of the Sudan issue and working to exacerbate the situation there. The statement included an accusation of the African Union for failing to meet the aspirations of the African peoples and that it provided appropriate pretexts for external interference.
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Press Release on the 2nd Congress of the Eritrean National Council for democratic Change (ENCDC)

The Eritrean National Congress for Democratic Change (ENCDC) concluded its long overdue second national Congress in Stockholm-Sweden from April 17-21, 2019 under the theme: “To preserve the independence and sovereignty of our country, the unity our people, and the right to determine our destiny.” ENCDC has surmounted paralyzing internal organizational hurdles and shortcomings and managed to conduct a successful congress depending solely on Eritrean financial and human resources. The Second National Congress was attended by incumbent members of the Council, representatives of civil societies and elected delegates from all Eritrean communities around the globe. Honorary guests of the Congress included delegations from both Eritrean People’s Democratic Parties, the Eritrean Unity for Justice, Forum for National Dialogue (Medrek), who attended in the opening and closing sessions of the Congress, and the “niqlo adetat n’diHnet hizbin hagerin – Mothers’ Initiative for the Salvation of the People and the Country” in Europe who attended throughout the convention to deliver solidarity messages, vowing to fully participate in future dialogue and engagement processes.
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